2022-03-26 23:00MDTScheduled upgrade of the server from OpenBSD 6.9 to 7.0. We are expecting a 30 min outage shortly after 11pm MDT (UTC -6)
2022-03-12Izzyb joined the admin team at Planetofnix. Working with jrmu and bountyht to update and bring new life to the server.
2021-04-16 20:28Disk upgrade over, it took longer than planned because of issues with VPS provider. All services should work normally now, if you encounter any problem please report. Thank you for your patience.
2021-04-16 15:29We are upgrading / / to add new storage, there will be a downtime for about 2 hours. Please excuse the inconvenience.
2021-04-11 21:26Cherry is now available at, as a result of migration some of the services could be disrupted - if you encounter any issues please report them. Thank you.